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3 Daily Tweets for 2 Months $10

$ 10.00 USD

Get 3 daily tweets on my account @kavalonthatsme for 2 months. 

$ 15 USD

4 Tweets Daily for 2 Months 

5 Tweets Daily for 2 Months

$ 20 USD


10 Tweets Daily for 2 Weeks

$ 25 USD


*SPECIAL* 1 Year Social Media Marketing Includes Tweets $15

$ 15 USD

This special is for 1 year, I will promote you across social media for 1 year and it includes tweets on my account which includes 500,000 plus followers. Great way to get visibility, traffic and revenue !

Social Media Marketing for 1 Month $24

$ 24 USD

I will promote you across social media for 1 month. I will promote you on twitter, facebook, instagram, google, pinterest, wordpress, tumblr etc. My twitter has 500,000 + followers @kavalonthatsme .

Social Media Marketing 3 Months $70

$ 70.00 USD

This package is for 3 months for social media marketing. 

Social Media Marketing 6 Months $130

$ 130 USD

Etsy 1 Year Tweeting Your Items

$ 5 USD

With this package I promote your entire etsy shop on twitter ( @kavalonthatsme - more than 500,000 followers) for 1 year. This is to assist you with visibilty, traffic, and hopefully revenue. We use your twitter name in each tweet for you to monitor the campaign, if you do not have a twitter account that is fine, you can monitor your etsy shop stats. 

Etsy - Online Shops 1 Year Of Social Media Marketing $50

$ 50 USD

This package is for 1 year of your online shop. I will promote the entire shop to twitter, pin the entire shop to pinterest, promote it on instagram, polyvore, weheartit, facebook, google, tumblr etc. We use your twitter name in each tweet so that you are able to monitor the campaign, If you do not have a twitter you can monitor your shop traffic.

Online Shops Ebay, Amazon, Etc 1 Year

$ 5 USD